TCCSS 2017 Rules and Information

  • This year's MINIMUM entry will be $50. This is a minimum entry, you are more than welcome to give someone a more expiensive gift if you are both able and interested.
  • No gift cards.
  • No E.O.W.s! (Don't open your gift before December 25th or else!)
  • Entries will be taken until November 22nd.
  • Those of you signed up before the 22nd will get the name of their victim on the 24th.
  • This year entries will be restricted to North American (US and Canada) listeners only. We regret that we have to exclude anyone, but due to international shipping charges and timing it can be very difficult to extend this activity to all of our listeners.
  • We are asking for your phone number this year because many shipping companies have started to require it. We have not made it a required field in case you would rather not give that information. However, keep in mind this may cause problems with shipping your gift.
  • Be sure you double check the information you enter in this form before clicking submit. Entering the wrong address could result in you missing your chance at RC goodies this Christmas.

We invite you to give back to Connie and the girls, by donating a few dollars toward the Christmas fund. We plan to use this to say thank you, from the listeners, to the family for sharing Crash with us for the last several years. We have a few things in mind that they will use and appreciate, and while we don't want to give away the surprise, rest assured that we will announce what the gifts were after Christmas.