Y03E30: Cathead and Gravey Run Amok

While Ronbo, his brother Tim, and his other brother Tim are away, Cathead and Gravey are up to a little mischief (some of which Nav edited out because you just can’t unhear things) and are joined by Josh and Yanik.  Cathead has a Cookin’ with Cat tip. They talk about some news items, Cathead alienates our Amish listeners and Josh and Yanik talk about Crash’s Planes and some event news too.


Y03E29: Scratch What?

This week, join King, Duck and RonBo as they download and listen to Y03E29 just like you since they couldn’t be bothered to show up! Oh, and we talk about scratch building with different types of foams. Follow along as we take you from inspiration to fruition and help you get in the air!


Y03E28: Hobby to Jobby

Join the whole gang in the shop this week (Tim King, Cathead, Karl, Gravey, Ronbo, and Nav) to chat about turning your hobby into your vocation.  Karl has an Ohm’s Law tip, Tim King has some great news about a friend of the show. And Nav talks about the July Drone Drop Box.


Y03E27: A Cat’s Tale

This week a few of the guys discuss a little bit of RC and a lotta bit of travel. Come on and ride along as Cat shares his recent trip to an Alien planet……..New York City.


Y03E26: Is The Sky Falling?

Join Tim King, Ronbo, Gravey, and Nav this week to talk about goings on in their lives.  Tim King has a tip on aircraft retrieval. And the guys discuss the Taylor decision being overturned and what the impact might be on us as hobbyists.


Y03E25: And Now the News…

Join, Cathead, Ronbo, Karl, Gravey and Nav this week to chat about the news.  Nav has a tip on tape. And Karl does a rare dramatic reading.


Y03E24: 3 Man Potato Mortar Team

Join Tim King, Cathead and Ronbo in the shop this week to review airplane tree retrieval techniques, the AMA website update, and obstacle heights.  Cathead has a tip on riding a classic and event news. And a surprise host joins in a little later.


Y03E23: Will the Real 23 Please Stand Up

Join Tim King, Duck, Gravey, Cathead and Nav this week to chat about a conflict with the safety officer, SLA 3d printers, some product and event news, and Duck’s freewheeling tip.


Y03E22: Bitten by the RiteWing Lovebug

While the Tim’s are away Gravey, Cathead, Ronbo, and Duck stumble through the show. We talk about Ronbo’s RiteWing, a German +1 trip to Georgia, and Duck tells us about modding PC power supplies for use with out hobby chargers in this week’s Just the Tip. No matter what Cathead says this is episode 22, we got a little ahead of ourselves.

Y03E21: Knee Deep in Nall

We continue discussing our Nall escapades! Cat gives a long awaited Drunk Jet update, Nav provides a tasty tip, King gives some very good nitro advice and Gravey stares at a goat longingly.