Y03E10: Hardcore Tramp

Come hang out with Cathead, Gravey, Ronbo and Nav this week as they question the sanity of a flying camera platform, they all pitch in to continue with more definitions in “just the tip.”  Ronbo’s Hardcore 44 and ImmersionRC’s Tramp combined with an iNav are also tossed around.


Y03E09: Get in the Kitchen

We have a full house on this episode and everyone is happy and feeling gooooood. The guys talk a little RC, some CNC, quad stuff, Drunk Jet countdown and RonBo ruins his marriage. Good times. Enjoy!

And yes, there is actually a count down……https://goo.gl/x5xHQ


Y03E08: What, the F is Missing?

The guys hit several topics this week, including BattleBot news, Extreme Flight releasing some extreme product, multi thousand dollar battery testers, AoA swag, and more! Nav saves you some heartache and money with this week’s Just the Tip but loses his F along the way.


Y03E07: Rose are Red, Violets are Blue, We Love Airplanes

Pull up a seat and listen in while Nav, Duck and Cat discuss ……things. Including some sketchy video footage of an idiot and his “Drone”, a detailed and verbally illustrative explanation of Expo, other stuff and things, and a few tips to help you stay married whilst enjoying this hobby of ours. And if you are a fan of Cat making a fool of himself, worry not, just listen all the way to the very end.


Y03E06: Threctored Vust

Check in with iflyos, Gravey, Cathead and Ronbo this week as they announce the Postal LMR contest rules and some sad news from Prodrenalin and JR.  Cathead has a “Cookin’ with Cathead” tip and also announces the winner of the Gravey Meme contest.  The new F27 Stryker from Horizon Hobby get some attention and some event news as well.


Y03E05: Bow Tied

Come hang out in the shop this week as Cathead, King, Duck, and Nav finally wrap up the beginner series by discussing how you know when you’re no longer a beginner.  Duck gives us a tip on how to connect with the hosts and other listeners using Discord.  A hold my beer Cuda moment (or two) and the pinned post of the week


Y03E04: Click and Mortar

Gravey is betrayed by his very own flesh and blood, Ronbo has an errand to run, Duck plans to migrate east for the spring and if Nav would stop reading the comments we would never get into any trouble at all. This week we talk about the growing list of challenges facing the brick and mortar hobby shop and the shops that are making it work anyway, a few portable solder
solutions, and Duck fills us in on a few definitions in Just the Tip.


Y03E03: Snow Day

Join us in the workshop this week with Tim King, Ronbo and Nav (with Gravey providing technical support) talking about building new quads, news on the build along, a subaquatic quad, the postal LMR, and the Pinned Post of the Week.  Ben Beyer straightens us out on Futaba’s protocols.  Nav has a tip telling us to expand our skills.  Product news gives us a new inexpensive multi-rotor motor and Hardik and IBCrazy have a new FPV combat system coming out toward the end of February.  Event season is coming with a fun fly and a swap meet.


Y03E02: Disposable Shot Glasses

Visit with Cathead, Karl, Gravey, and Ron this week as Karl brings us a timely tip on renewing your crystallized epoxy (and a couple other glue tips), Ron’s foray into the dark side (ie FR-Sky), Karl’s Raspberry Pi, the sad news surrounding Hobbico, and other stuff you’ll just have to listen to the show to hear.


Y03E01: It’s Cold.

Hang out with us this week as Tim King, Karl, Cathead, Gravey, and Nav catch up after Christmas and New Year’s. We talk about the gifts that you got for Crash’s family, TCCSS, the FB pinned post of the week, some upcoming group activities (no, not that!), New Year’s resolutions. And, Nav gives his first impression of the Furibee X215 Pro and some YouTuber news